Dave Pye, partner at Portman Partners, the Executive Search division of the worldwide data center recruiting firm Datacenter People, understands the challenges that many business leaders face when it comes to hiring. Leveraging 25 years of experience in the professional services and recruitment sector, Pye specializes in helping executives scale up quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with successful hires. Pye founded Melius, the scale up consulting firm in 2017.

When it comes to data centers, or any industry for that matter, innovation is key to pushing a business’s competitive ability and achieving the solutions that will ultimately sustain our future.  At the heart of this successful innovation are leaders capable of inspiring their teams and creating productive environments where industry minds can flourish. Choosing an exceptional team is no easy task, but with the success of business endeavors riding on appropriate hiring, it remains a critical responsibility. Experience, attitude and values are just a few of the many considerations that go into picking a great team member, and if a business doesn’t know how to locate their ideal candidate, the task can quickly become unmanageable.

Although executive leaders are at the top of their business hierarchies, the weight of the company still often falls squarely on their shoulders. As a result, the pressure can make top positions feel isolating. Pye believes that ultimately, especially in an age of a growing skills gap, the most successful leaders are the ones who have support where they need it. As he performs talent searches for client companies, Pye becomes a critical asset to industry executives as a support system. In his words, Pye is a counselor and trusted advisor to those at whom the buck normally stops. The key to unlocking anyone’s potential, especially those in high-level positions, is having a great listener, a talented communicator and an expert willing to offer help when needed. Pye and his fellow partners at Portman Partners provide the perspective needed to cut through the everyday noise of running a business, helping executives continue to lead and scale their businesses effectively.

Among the other traits of successful leaders is the ability to understand what is driving their businesses and the world around it, discern what customers need from their businesses and know what physical and digital assets they need to accomplish it. In taking stock of these items, leaders can effectively future-proof their organizations.

Managing complexity and minimizing threats is also a challenging balance that needs to be achieved. In essence, completing a strategic overview of your business and the world in which it operates, along with envisioning the business’s future, is key to fully expressing company potential. To help these processes along and provide the critical executives who bring these plans to fruition, Portman Partners and Dave Pye are serving as culture-shapers and strategic advisors to businesses across the globe: Empowering the great leaders of our industry.