Originally posted to NEDAS

The promise of 5G encompasses a vast array of benefits, including increased speed, reliability and bandwidth to support futuristic applications such as the Internet of Things and a host of other use cases. Although, the path to 5G has not been a short one, and true rollout of this next-generation network remains shrouded in myths, assumptions and widespread speculation. 

To delve into some of these myths and explore the reality and trajectory of 5G, the 2019 NEDAS NYC Summit, an event promoting education, exploration and collaboration at the intersection of wireline and wireless, offered a presentation titled The Journey to 5G – Technology and Spectrum Implications for In-Building Connectivity. Featuring Lori Blair, Channel Sales Director for Ericsson, and Roger Galuban, Senior Product Manager for Ericsson, the presentation discussed the ins and outs of supporting 5G in real estate properties. 

To start, Galuban notes that 5G is an evolution that the market is just starting to experience. There’s a variety of solutions for spectrum assets that currently exist, so deploying the 5G system to meet different needs is a journey and an exploration. Blair notes that when it comes to in-building 5G, the main considerations should center around what the unique use case or individual challenge is. 

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