The world of data centers, submarine cables, and intercontinental connectivity is undergoing a transformation that will redefine the landscape for businesses and individuals alike. A groundbreaking partnership involving aicep Global Parques, EllaLink, and Start Campus is set to establish the ‘Atlantic Hub,’ positioning Sines, Portugal as a secure and neutral submarine cable landing point. This ambitious project is poised to revolutionize connectivity between Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Backed by the Portuguese government and a host of stakeholders, the Atlantic Hub promises to enhance economic prospects, stimulate local activity, and foster innovation in the digital sector.

A Game-Changing Collaboration

The Atlantic Hub project is a collaborative effort that brings together industry leaders, governmental support, and unique geographical advantages. The partners in this venture, aicep Global Parques, EllaLink, and Start Campus, are working in synergy to simplify the process of licensing and authorizing the construction of submarine cable landings in Sines, Portugal. This move towards streamlined regulatory conditions will make Sines an attractive destination for international cables, offering a location characterized by low risk and high security.

One of the key initiatives of the Atlantic Hub is the creation of a “Cable Protection Zone” off the coast of Sines. This proactive measure ensures enhanced cable protection while facilitating pre-licensing of submarine cable routes. Furthermore, the project aims to establish robust and diverse fronthaul infrastructures for submarine cables, linking the SINES data center, EllaLink Cable Landing Station, and other cable landing points, solidifying Sines’ position as a secure and transparent submarine hub.

Sustainability and Resilience at the Core

The Atlantic Hub isn’t just about connectivity; it’s also a testament to sustainability and resilience. Sines boasts a sustainable hyperscale data center, which is an essential element of this project. With access to clean energy sources and cooling infrastructures that utilize seawater with negligible Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE), Sines is committed to environmental stewardship.

Additionally, the unrepeated high-fiber-count submarine cable system, Olisipo, will provide Sines with the diversity required to connect to other digital infrastructures in Portugal, creating a natural redundancy. This diverse range of digital infrastructures will further strengthen the Atlantic Hub’s position as a key player in the field of intercontinental connectivity.

Economic Boost and Innovation

By establishing this hub in Sines, the project is set to create numerous job opportunities, stimulate local economic activities, and contribute to the growth of the digital economy in the region. Furthermore, the enhanced connectivity and infrastructure can be a magnet for technology companies looking to establish a presence in the area, thereby fostering innovation and competition.

Pioneering the Future

The Atlantic Hub in Sines, Portugal, is set to reshape the digital landscape by enhancing intercontinental connectivity, ensuring sustainability, creating economic opportunities, and fostering innovation. As it positions itself as a secure, neutral, and resilient submarine hub, Sines is ready to welcome a new era of connectivity that will benefit businesses and individuals alike. The collaboration between aicep Global Parques, EllaLink, Start Campus, and the Portuguese government underscores the transformative power of public-private partnerships in realizing ambitious projects that redefine the future of digital infrastructure.