Data center knowledge is being sought after with much zeal in present time. With the increasing use and relevance of data in modern-day business and life, it has become lucrative to possess such education. It has led some people to disregard their university education for a more practical and fulfilling experience in a field that has contemporary significance. What’s more, this is where the money is! By the fact that most companies are running data centers, it becomes paramount for them to educate their data center employees for better efficiency.

If you are contemplating educating yourself with data center management skills, here are some education and certification opportunities that you can take advantage of for you to master the basics.

1. Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center

Cisco is one of the most popular professional data centers in the world. Having their certification is a major boost to any professional. They are globally recognized, and anything that is connected to them is bound to elicit authoritativeness. Cisco networking professional data center gives a thorough grounding in the design of data equipment, the installation process and the best maintenance practices. Their education program is quite extensive as it covers aspects such as the Cisco operating system and various data center technologies. The Cisco certification is quite commanding. In fact, you can use it together with your university degree or college diploma to increase your career prospects. You are bound to get a great return on investment with this professional data center program.

2. VMWARE Certified Professional

If your interest in data center management revolves around mobility, the VMware certified professional certification is your best bet. In contemporary business operations, employees are often required to be mobile in a sense. They may be called to perform work activities and also perform duties on multiple devices on various networks. To this effect, a lot of collaboration and communication is required on the part of these employees for better work experiences. In essence, this has led to the increased demand for employees who have a good grounding on mobility matters.

VMware certified professional gives you great mobility skills. Through its VCP6-DCV program, your mobility skills will be sharpened. The program primarily exposes you to installation procedures, management, and administration of virtualized data centers. You are assured of acquiring high mobility skills which increase your data center prowess.

3. Data Center Tech Media – Certified Data Center Design Professional

This certification is popular in the Pacific Rim. It is a premier data center certification. For organizations that have data centers, this is one of the best education that your data center professionals should have for an efficient and smooth data center operation. It offers various courses that revolve around the various data center operations. They include:

The certification is bound to increase your knowledge in operational and design expertise for better data center management.

4. Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center – JNCIP-DC

Juniper Networks is one of the major industry players in the data center technologies. Their core business is developing and selling software equipment and network infrastructure equipment. Their focus is on organizations that have significant data requirements such as government departments, network service providers and educational entities. To this effect, they have provided the Junos software and other equipment necessary for data center management.

Aside from providing these products, they offer data center training programs that revolve around security, service provider routing and track switching, enterprise routing, and switching. Also, they provide the following:

  • Data center deployment
  • Data center management
  • Multi-chassis link aggregation group maintenance
  • Data center interconnections
  • Virtual extensible local area networks
  • Internet protocol fabric
  • Virtual chassis fabric

The certification runs for three years after which renewal is required after passing the JNCIP-Dc program.

5. AOS – Accredited Operations Specialist

Data centers are set to grow by 21% in 2018. For one to be a competent data center operations specialist, they inevitably have to educate themselves on operational procedures, safety practices, efficiency parameters, compliance requirements, and policies. To increase this know-how, the Accredited Operations Specialist certification can be of great essence, especially to those whose mandate is operations, maintenance, and staffing. The accreditation can provide impart high skills to operations managers and facility operators. Also, if an organization has a data center facility, those tasked with its management can learn best practices through this course.

6. Certified Data Center Risk Professional

Risk is inevitable in life. Most cause and effect essay topics for college students revolve around it. As a mitigation measure, it calls for the transfer, absorption or avoidance of risk. The Certified Data Center Risk professional certification enables data center workers to achieve the aforementioned when managing the affairs of data centers. The training basically exposes them to:

  • The risk management process
  • Standard procedures and guidelines for risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • The project approach
  • Risk management software
  • Risk monitoring and evaluation, etc.

The certification is a great choice for those who intend to possess risk management skills that revolve around data centers.

To sum up, the 6 data center education and certification opportunities discussed above are sure to give you an edge in this data-driven world. We encourage you to pursue them with utmost zeal to increase the quality and prospects of your career.

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