Terry Fockler, Silicon Valley Engineering/Solutions (terryfockler@sbcglobal.net), says:

Data center operators face many and constant issues requiring persistent attention, great solutions, and necessary relationships to facilitate those solutions.

Data Center managers often have to decide what to do with decommissioned hardware (being assured that it does not end up in land fill). EOL (end of life) hardware is a reality. When disposing of decommissioned gear it’s important to select a company that will provide chain of custody documentation to insure proper disposal or repurposing of your outbound gear. Another concern is having to guarantee that data mitigation is complete and certified.

Another issue is data center efficiency and energy savings. There are energy and cost savings programs and efficiency surveys that can save an IT or data center manger a ton of money. Silicon Valley Engineering Solutions offers various data center services and products to help data centers save money. Our many cost savings and safety programs can make an IT or data center manger’s life much easier.

Another area of concern is upgrading and financing aging gear. Some companies specialize in difficult projects, providing easy financing and logistics for refresh programs. Yet another area of cost that is often over looked is software licensing…this can be a huge expense that can be mitigated and Silicon Valley Engineering Solutions offers programs that will assist in renegotiating your licensing agreements resulting in potentially huge savings.

For more portable applications (that is, Triage, corp. enviro’s, banking etc.) modular, self contained portable data centers are a good option for expensive infrastructure.

The bottom line is: ilicon Valley Engineering Solutions brings a one-stop solution for many product and service needs for colo’s, data centers and corporate enviroments.