Tampnet, a global leader and provider of high capacity and low latency connectivity to onshore and offshore installations and vessels, collaborated with Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat to boost the capacity of their European Aviation Network (EAN) inflight broadband solution. The cooperation entails the installation and maintenance of five EAN sites on production platforms in the North Sea with two additional antenna sites placed in offshore wind farms within Germany’s and Netherlands’ coastal waters. The new sites are strategically located to further enhance EAN’s high-speed passenger connectivity on flights in Northern Europe, including high-density flight routes between the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. 

The five sea-based antenna sites benefit Tampnet’s extensive fiber network due to the co-location on top of the existing communication infrastructure on the offshore production platform. The European Aviation Network gives European aviation an advantage of high speed and scalable connectivity with lower operating costs. Tampnet supports the EAN project by delivering fiber backhaul and maintenance to the base stations providing additional coverage to the airspace above the North Sea. The network enhancement resulted in the world’s first inflight broadband solution that combines dedicated satellite coverage with complementary LTE-based ground network which offers speed and uninterrupted coverage compared to any other in-flight Wi-Fi network. 

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