Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and operator of two data centers and over 11,000 miles of fiber, has announced the company’s successful partnership with the University of Central Missouri as the primary internet service provider for the campus and the University’s remote sites.

Powering a university’s campus is a large undertaking and Bluebird Network is equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done because beyond fiber connectivity, data centers are also a critical piece of the University’s digital infrastructure strategy. Bluebird’s data centers and digital infrastructure will power the University of Central Missouri in order to store mass amounts of the University data, keep the campus connected, and enable interconnection between all remote sites. 

Bluebird Network provides the tools and solutions educational systems across the Midwest need to operate at the highest levels. Bluebird Network provides high quality connectivity and bandwidth required to support the best education practices in today’s digital world with an understanding of the urgent need for reliable internet connections. 

Bluebird Network is the second largest internet provider to public schools in Missouri, and has been consistent in providing secure and reliable internet connectivity for students, whether they are in person or virtual. Bluebird Network’s edge technology and unsurpassed customer support provides tools needed for sophisticated network requirements of education institutions.

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