fiber mountain

M. H. Raza

Data Centers are Changing

– M.H. Raza, founder & CEO of Fiber Mountain, says:

Technology always evolves and improves over time. Sometimes we add new functions, increasing complexity. Sometimes we look for ways to simplify complex systems, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Take a look at the voice switch or PBX. As we first knew it, it was large and complex, with lots of lines of code. Then came evolution within the IP technology space, and PBX was broken down into smaller, simpler components. Complexity; replaced by innovative simplification. That’s what Fiber Mountain is working to accomplish for data center networks.

Network architecture is ripe for this transformation. It is extremely complex, with a messy alphabet soup of protocols and a philosophy of expansion that requires more and bigger core switches. Data centers must expand to meet ever-increasing demands for bandwidth, but the traditional approach also produces a proportionate increase in resources consumed, which is just not sustainable in the long term. We need a better way.

Fiber Mountain’s mission is to introduce simplicity back into today’s increasingly complex networks. We developed the Glass Core™ network design to reduce or remove the need for massive core switches. With intelligent fiber optic connectivity and a SDN solution (our Alpine Orchestration System™, or AOS™) that can discover and visually present every device and connection within a data center network, Fiber Mountain separates the control plane from the data plane and allows for centralized, simplified control of the entire network. This increases capacity, scalability and functionality, while reducing latency, complexity, OPEX, and CAPEX.

As the world continues to grow and invent new and better ways to operate, we are confident that Fiber Mountain’s breakthrough solutions will lead the way in transforming data center infrastructure.