series mainframe in a futuristic representation of light streamsThe massive demand for connectivity is fueling the need for reliable data center services, particularly in emerging and secondary international markets. For this reason, many data center providers are expanding their global footprint to provide critical backend data transport and storage in key locations.Etix Everywhere, which experienced exponential growth and international success in 2016, is a noteworthy example. In February, the company opened new offices in New York and San Francisco, and then launched six data centers in various Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across the U.S. and Europe, as well as emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia and South America. Eight additional facilities are also under construction.

Etix Everywhere saw a 150 percent growth rate in built data center modules in 2016, with advanced negotiations for projects taking place in 20 countries. What’s more, Etix Everywhere attained a 400 percent increase in signed data centers. The company also had a significant increase in personnel, which will provide the necessary backbone for the R&D that is needed to enhance its services.

“Given recent expansion into two major U.S. commercial hubs and exciting new data center projects across both established and emerging markets throughout the world, 2016 has proven to be a significant year of growth for Etix Everywhere,” stated Charles-Antoine Beyney, Co-Founder and CEO of Etix Everywhere. “Our hard work and dedication to providing superior data center facilities and services for global customers has driven our international success.”

Stephen Belomy, SVP U.S. West Coast at Etix Everywhere, also commented on the expansion.

“At Etix Everywhere, we have broadened our reach outside of major metro areas and global connectivity hubs to bring superior data center services to emerging, secondary markets around the world,” Belomy stated.  “Our expansion into the U.S. has proven especially successful and I am excited to see how our flexible and holistic approach to data center services will translate across the global market.”

Etix Everywhere derives its name from the phrase “ethical internet exchange.” The company is committed to building a worldwide data center network and helping its customers achieve long-term sustainability. Etix Everywhere offers free cross-connects, 50/50 joint venture opportunities, and reliable data center design and construction. Customers also benefit from its tailor-made data center solutions, and flexibility and breadth of services, including real estate, design, build, operations and finance.

Etix Everywhere leverages a holistic approach to data center design and operation by offering facilities that meet and exceed Tier 3 requirements with unique power designs, 100 percent uptime and flexible ownership opportunities. The company is also known for its smart data center solutions.

“Etix Everywhere dedicates a tremendous amount of resources to develop smart data centers that automatically monitor and operate themselves, helping to maintain their profitability,” shared Anthony Verda, SVP East Coast at Etix Everywhere. “These innovative technologies, combined with a trustworthy partner for the design, build and operation of a data center, and a joint venture proposition that cuts the cost of ownership in half, are a unique offering in today’s market and sets Etix Everywhere apart as an industry leader.”

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