Originally posted to NEDAS

The 2019 NEDAS NYC Summit is, of course, an event primarily focusing on discussion and education at the intersection of wireline and wireless regarding DAS, Small Cell and other similar technologies. However, as a dedicated part of the extended technology and telecom sphere, NEDAS understands the power and necessity of community and of giving back. As a result, NEDAS has developed a Charity Committee that focuses on identifying charities to be featured at the association’s yearly events, promoting the cause and raising awareness among the greater telecom industry. 

As the chosen charity for 2019, the Tower Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping families of those injured or those who lost their lives working on communication tower installations, will be supported by NEDAS with campaigns to drive corporate and individual donations. To drive home the importance of this foundation, Jim Tracy, President of the Tower Family Foundation, gave a presentation to offer attendees an in-depth look into how to meet the needs of those who have been affected by tower incidents and how supporting the foundation can help.

There are three key elements to the Tower Family Foundation: the past, the present and the future. Established in 2013, this organization was created by tower company owners because they saw a critical gap between when incidents at job sites occurred and when the system kicked in to support families affected by the tragedy. Rent, groceries, car payments and other sources of expenses still need to be covered when one source of income disappears, and the results of the current system left a lot of individuals living hand-to-mouth. The foundation was built to ensure that families get what they need when they need it in their time of vulnerability. 

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