– Caroline Haley, Manager of Client Relations, Milldam Public Relations, says:

Few enterprise data centers have the internal resources to achieve a seamless migration without major disruptions to their business operations. To help alleviate the burdens of data center migration, Cobalt Data Centers has partnered with three firms to ease both the physical and virtual barriers of data center migration: McCollister’s Technical Services, OffsiteDataSync and Rackware.

The new partners include experts in infrastructure relocation, data migration, and backup/recovery. These companies will enable infrastructure relocation and offer data migration experts to customers looking to move into Cobalt’s Tier III data center quickly, easily, and with minimal disruption.

A division of McCollister’s Transportation Group, McCollisters Technical Services provides national coverage for logistics and technical support services with more than 850 employees, specialized climate trailers and a full suite of de-stall/reinstall services.

OffsiteDataSync has provided hosted DRaaS and public/private cloud solutions since 2002. Operating out of three geographically diverse data centers including Cobalt Cheyenne, OffsiteDataSync has enabled hundreds of companies to meet their data and system availability targets.

With its unique ability to be platform and cloud agnostic, RackWare’s flagship solution, the RackWare Management Module (RMM) allows workloads to be ported between any cloud or platform, virtual or physical, allowing customers to move data as needed during data center migration projects for continuous availability.

“Working with our experienced partners, Cobalt can help customers of any size, in any location, with any workload relocate with ease into our data center and begin reaping the benefits of world-class colocation services,” said Jeff Brown, CEO, Cobalt Data Centers. “We’ve simplified one of the largest obstacles customers face when seeking to move their critical infrastructure to the best possible location.”

“Cobalt Data Centers is both a partner of Offsite DataSync and one of three enterprise-level facilities in the United States that we have selected to house our data retention and recovery services,” said Matthew Chesterton, CEO, Offsite DataSync, “Cobalt is a trusted provider, and we look forward to working with Cobalt in serving our joint customers.”

“Migrating workloads out of internal environments to colocation data centers is a growing trend within enterprises,” said Sash Sunkara, CEO, Rackware “We are happy to partner with Cobalt and enable our joint customers to automate and simplify their migrations into Cobalt Data Centers.”

“Cobalt Data Centers is a trusted partner of McCollister’s Technical Services. Like McCollister’s, Cobalt is 100% dedicated to providing total solution services and will go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction,” said Lenny Gruszczynski, Director of Technical Services, McCollister’s Technical Services, “McCollister’s recommends Cobalt to customers looking to migrate into their region, and we do so without any hesitation that they will be thoroughly taken care of. The Cobalt/McCollister’s solution provides a complete physical relocation end-to-end with the assurance of professional handling, quality equipment, and a proven methodology that has successfully transplanted the beating hearts of businesses and government agencies around the globe.”

Cobalt’s flagship data center, Cobalt Cheyenne, features the latest in redundant systems architecture, energy-efficient design, multi-factor security and customer amenities. Cobalt is a Tier III data center development and operating company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in secure, high-density and network-rich colocation delivered with exceptional customer service. Cobalt Cheyenne is the company’s flagship data center and the most practical enterprise-grade facility in Las Vegas, a city and region known for robust connectivity and low instance of natural hazards. The colocation facility is also a Registered Hosting Center as certified by the Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board and is equipped to host odds, bets and other regulated gaming applications at Cobalt Cheyenne.

While moving data center infrastructure can be a complex task that disrupts critical IT processes, Cobalt’s three experienced partners will enable businesses to make a seamless transition into the Las Vegas colocation facility.

For more information, visit www.cobaltdatacenters.com.