Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

Picture this: A supercomputer in a van, using artificial intelligence to create flight paths for drones collecting high-definition images of critical infrastructure. It’s not science fiction, but the business model for Avitas Systems, a startup spawned by GE as part of its Internet of Things business.

Avitas uses drones to provide automated safety inspections of oil and gas facilities. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deploy drones and analyze the HD imagery and video they collect. This requires major data-crunching, which is provided by the NVIDIA DGX Station, a desktop-sized supercomputer loaded with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs).

“Storing and processing this large amount of data resources requires a huge amount of computing power,” said Alex Tepper, the founder and Head of Business Development at Avitas Systems. “We’re passionate about pushing AI as far as possible out on the edge.”

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