STACK INFRASTRUCTURE (“STACK” or the “Company”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, recently announced that its new Portland campus will join the Wave Business Hillsboro Data Center Ring II. Connecting to major long haul fiber routes, cloud on-ramps, the Pittock Internet Exchange and seven transpacific submarine cables, joining this ring enables the campus to deliver low-latency access to the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Asia and Australia. The ring will serve several international markets, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and American Samoa. 

“Hillsboro continues to be an exceptionally well-connected, low-latency access point for major international and West Coast availability zones,” said Brian Cox, CEO of STACK. “Our facilities here offer incredible opportunities for scale, and our proximity to the Hillsboro Data Center Ring enables STACK clients to expand their global businesses, particularly in these fast-growing markets.” 

STACK, one of the original data center providers in Portland, currently operates two facilities in Hillsboro and is committed to future growth in the area. Its newest campus, POR03, sits on 35 acres in northwest Hillsboro, residing 15 miles outside of Portland and offering more than 60MW of potential capacity. The Company also recently announced the construction of a new 24MW facility on the site, which is expected to be complete in mid-2021. These builds ensure STACK cloud and enterprise clients can leverage significant expansion potential via shell, colocation and build-to-suit options, as well as readily available connectivity via dark and lit fiber connections to the ring. 

Hillsboro, an international hub for clouds and enterprises engaged in global business, is enhanced by the Hillsboro Data Center Ring II — a 3,456-strand fiber optic network commissioned and built by telecommunications provider Wave Business. Wave Business is a leader in fiber connectivity, serving the Hillsboro and Portland regions alongside numerous other key markets across the U.S. The ring provides access to the 13 major data centers in the Hillsboro market, including STACK’s existing facilities and its future builds. The area is already home to Ring I, which consists of 864 low-loss, single-mode fiber cables connecting six data centers in the region.

“The backbone of our Hillsboro Data Center Ring II is now complete. This new ring addresses the increasing demand for high-count fiber driven by new facilities like STACK in the fastest-growing data center cluster on the West Coast,” said Patrick Knorr, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Wave Business. “Together, the two rings in Hillsboro enable business customers in any of the connected data centers to seamlessly cross-connect and gain access to dense, transpacific capacity to and from key overseas markets on one of seven submarine cable systems.” 

The Wave partnership stands as STACK’s latest investment in bringing the best connectivity options to its clients. STACK underscores this commitment with a history of strategic expansion, which includes: 

  • A 100% pre-leased 32MW multi-story data center on its campus in San Jose, California, currently under construction. 
  • A 125-acre hyperscale data center campus with 250MW of potential critical capacity in Prince William County, Virginia in partnership with the Peterson Companies. 
  • A  24MW, multi-story data center adjacent to its existing facility in Chicago, which will be ready for service in the second half of 2020. 
  • An 80+MW expansion of its Portland data center campus, which is currently under development. 

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