With only a few days left until the highly-anticipated infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit begins, the spotlight turns to the influential participants who will shape the event’s crucial discussions. Among them stands STACK Infrastructure, an industry sponsor poised to play a significant role in this transformative gathering.

About Stack Infrastructure 

STACK provides digital infrastructure to scale the world’s most innovative companies. With a client-first approach, STACK delivers a comprehensive suite of campus, build-to-suit, colocation, and powered shell solutions in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. With robust existing and flexible expansion capacity in the leading availability zones, STACK offers the scale and geographic reach that rapidly growing hyperscale and enterprise companies need. The world runs on data. And data runs on STACK. For more information about STACK, please visit: www.stackinfra.com.

Involvement Details

At infra/STRUCTURE 2023, you’ll find STACK Infrastructure not only as an industry sponsor but also in the form of Ty Miller, their Chief Commercial Officer, who will be taking the stage as an event speaker. His panel, “Has Self-Build Killed Colocation?” will review the current state of the colocation market and the effects Hyperscale self-builds is having on the industry.

Industries Served

STACK delivers a comprehensive suite of wholesale, colocation, build-to-suit, and powered shell solutions in 23 markets worldwide to cloud service providers and large enterprises.

Regional Focus

With data centers strategically located across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, STACK Infrastructure is a global force to be reckoned with. In the Americas alone, they have a strong presence in major hubs such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Albany, Northern Virginia, Phoenix, Portland, Silicon Valley, and Toronto. This extensive network ensures that businesses have the agility and proximity they need to thrive in today’s data-driven landscape.

Event Goals

At infra/STRUCTURE 2023, STACK Infrastructure has clear objectives in mind. Their participation aims to elevate their branding and visibility, with a special focus on showcasing their flagship Toronto data center campus.

Meeting Opportunities

For those looking to connect with STACK Infrastructure and explore potential opportunities, their Contact Us page is the gateway to initiating meaningful conversations: https://www.stackinfra.com/contact

Reserve your place at infra/STRUCTURE 2023 and join the dialogue that’s molding the future of infrastructure services. Select industries are eligible for complimentary tickets – check here to see if you qualify.