infra/STRUCTURE has emerged as a contemporary alternative to traditional annual gatherings, standing at the foremost convergence for leaders within the Internet infrastructure sphere. The infra/STRUCTURE Summit 2023 event offers an unparalleled opportunity for these executives to forge connections, acquire knowledge, and engage in profitable ventures, all while benefiting from the expertise and data furnished by notable industry trailblazers. The eagerly awaited event is slated to unfold on October 4-5, 2023, in the vibrant city of Toronto. Executive sponsor, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, will take center stage, facilitating profound dialogues on the future of Internet infrastructure.

About Spencer Building Carrier Hotel 

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is set to add a new chapter for downtown Vancouver as it continues to serve as an integral part of Vancouver’s business, education and technology scene. While the exterior is historic, the interior is cutting-edge, with two data halls totally refurbished as a state-of-the-art interconnection point and data center, bringing together carriers, peering exchanges, cloud on-ramps, and network operators at Western Canada’s primary hub.

Involvement Details 

Serving as Executive Sponsor of the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 event, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, ensures the next generation’s connectivity hub.

Industries Served 

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel provides tailored services for diverse industries. Their advanced facilities cater to Network Operators, ensuring top-tier connectivity. They offer secure colocation environments, accommodating both small businesses and large enterprises, while also supporting the expansive needs of Hyperscale entities. At the heart of it all, the Spencer Building Carrier Hotel stands as a versatile cornerstone, fostering innovation and progress across these dynamic industries.

Regional Focus 

Strategically positioned in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is exemplifying a dedicated regional focus. With its prime location, it serves as a pivotal nexus for connectivity and data management, reinforcing Vancouver’s status as a dynamic hub for technological advancement and digital infrastructure.

Leadership Presence 

At the upcoming infra/STRUCTURE event, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel will be represented by key members of their leadership team. Chris Jones, Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations, and Richard Lui, Vice President of Real Estate, will both be in attendance, showcasing the hotel’s commitment to the industry and the event.

Event Goals 

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel’s event goals center around two key objectives: first, to establish and amplify brand recognition within the industry; and second, to foster invaluable networking opportunities. These aims are complemented by a strategic focus on initiating pre-sales discussions, effectively highlighting the cutting-edge offerings of their data center and interconnection hub.

Meeting Opportunities 

Explore the different meeting opportunities awaiting you at the event, and kindly reach out to to arrange discussions and collaborations.

Reserve your place at infra/STRUCTURE 2023 and join the dialogue that’s molding the future of infrastructure services. Select industries are eligible for complimentary tickets – check here to see if you qualify.

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