Originally posted by: Amy Atwood, Global Capacity

Global CapacityHow businesses use and connect to the cloud is changing. With the accelerated use of private and hybrid cloud applications and computing, network and application service providers alike are seeing a substantial shift in how businesses want to connect to the cloud – particularly mid-tier and large enterprises. The connectivity trend is moving away from the public Internet to private direct connections and networks, including hybrid Wide Area Networks (WANs) using a myriad of technologies that best support the specific cloud-based solutions used at each business location.

GEN15_Logo.pngI caught up with Global Capacity’s Vice President of Marketing, Mary Stanhope, shortly after she returned from the Global Ethernet Networking 2015 (GEN15) conference where she participated on a debate session titled “Evolution of the WAN for Cloud”. Mary shared some of her top takeaways and key messages from the event with me.

“The reason why I’m so excited about the topic of cloud connectivity is because there is a challenge for our industry to solve. There is a huge demand for cloud-based enterprise services including computing and applications, but the access or connection to these services is still frequently internet-based and lacks the security and performance required. Innovative technologies are available to solve and simplify cloud connectivity,” shared Mary.

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