Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom

The mantra of DataGryd, whose 60 Hudson Street facility offers the largest single footprint data center and the most strategic international data network hub located in New York City, is “space, power and connectivity the way you want it.” Occupying the iconic art deco tower that was once the global headquarters of Western Union, DataGryd provides 60,000 square-feet of available high-density colocation space in the business capital of the world.

Concerning power, the company uses a proprietary MicroGryd™ technology, offering dual contingencies and delivering the highest value in energy efficiency with direct primary utility feeds providing up to 12,000 kW. DataGryd can service clients from 250 kW to 5 MW, and its power feed in and out of the building is diverse from the building itself, which enhances business continuity.

As for connectivity, DataGryd’s 60 Hudson Street facility provides direct connectivity to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges at a fraction of the cost of other data center cross-connect fees, and with no obligation to use any third-party Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs). The building also features multiple Points of Entry (POEs) from diverse data network providers and direct fiber conduits.

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