FiberLight, LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of construction experience building mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, recently announced that it was chosen by Slice Wireless Solutions to deliver public WiFi and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) capabilities for the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI Marshall). 

As a provider of world-class WiFi solutions and network installations for SMBs, warehouses, large public areas and more, Slice Wireless was in the process of taking over the BWI Marshall network. To do so, the company required a solution that enabled a transition without wifi interruptions for individuals and businesses on the airport premises. Slice Wireless prides itself on a customer-centric approach, and as a result, its priority was ensuring minimum downtime while delivering an enhanced network for lower latency, higher bandwidth and augmented capabilities. 

The existing infrastructure, and subsequent network transition, spanned 40 network closets and 190 access points. To meet Slice Wireless’s needs and the needs of the airport’s wifi users, FiberLight was chosen to provision a 5Gbps Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuit on a 10Gbps port for easy bandwidth upgrades. This enabled the existing connection to be moved to FiberLight’s circuit and router and allowed the switches and access points to be captured with minimal outage. This also empowers the airport with 10 times its previous throughput. FiberLight’s Enhanced DIA ensures maximum reliability over a single connection with multiple upstreams and a redundant IP network core to ensure multiple points of delivery.  

“As the communications landscape trends wireless, focusing on DAS and WiFi—and empowering those capabilities—will define the value delivery and success throughout spaces like this going forward,” says Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer of FiberLight. “This new dedicated fiber circuit at BWI Marshall delivers important advantages, including guaranteed bandwidth, enhanced throughput for the large number of users, better speed and more. We were happy to help Slice Wireless meet its customer and user satisfaction goals on an expedited timeline.” 

“FiberLight was nothing but helpful, and we got levels of service from them that I would not receive from larger companies. Not only did they work with us on adding a contract exemption due to timeline concerns, they managed to get everything done, delivered and turned up ahead of schedule,” comments John Hutzler, COO of Slice Wireless. “There is no wireless without wires, and we need providers like FiberLight for the low-latency bandwidth that underscores everything and makes it work. Having good, reliable bandwidth partners is necessary for us, and we love working with companies who are nimble.”

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