Virtualization Connectors

– Mark Harris, VP of Marketing and Data Center Strategy for Nlyte Software, says:

Nlyte Software recently announced the availability of two new virtualization connectors, one for Microsoft Hyper-V and the other for Citrix Xen. This completed integration across leading virtualization platforms. Last fall the company announced the full-function update to Nlyte’s long-standing connector for VMware vCenter, which has proven to be the most popular ITSM integration add-on connector. Customers who use Nlyte typically use virtualization as well, so the correlation of hardware to logical to virtual just makes sense to our customers. It completes the picture and they see the value instantly.
The two new virtualization connectors are already shipping and along with the original connector for VMware, Nlyte now supports all of the main virtualized environments that exist in most enterprise data centers. Time and time again, Nlyte is finding that the full potential of DCIM is realized when it is tightly integrated to the existing software management platforms, so each of these connectors tie virtualized guest instances to their underlying resources and then this knowledge is used throughout the Nlyte analytics platform. These connectors are individually licensed and available off-the-shelf.
Key Features of Nlyte Virtualization Connectors:
  •       Automatic discovery and monitoring of virtual machines
  •      Single view across all physical and virtual servers and machines
  •      Increased control and optimization of both physical and virtual resources
  •       Reduced complexity and cost of managing a virtualized data center
  •      Decreased risk during move, adds and decommissions
  •      Clear identification of “Guests” and “Hosts” during outages and support
  •      Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) by quickly determining the rack location of the physical server the virtual machine is running on