– Kieran Taylor, Director of Product Marketing, Compuware Application Performance Management (APM) Business Unit, says:

As a network administrator, you may think your job is done if all your servers and your network are up and running. But the reality is, the fact that your servers are up and running means little to your business if your end users aren’t having a fast, reliable application experience. Poor application performance leads directly to lost productivity and lost revenues.

In an attempt to gauge the health of their IT operations, many IT organizations default to component-level monitoring of their networks, servers and database tiers. But these network-centric approaches have traditionally lacked insight into the overall end-user application experience. And the reverse has been true too. Traditional application performance monitoring solutions have been unable to monitor and diagnose network performance issues.

By converging application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM), mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) is reduced, performance management costs are slashed and deployment is simplified. As part of Compuware’s APM Spring 2012 Platform Release, we introduced new innovations in our Data Center Real User Monitoring solution which combines APM and NPM to tackle the increasing challenges of complex data centers. 

Compuware’s single solution manages both application and network performance that includes:

·         Out-of-the-box dashboards: provide a single view of application and network performance:

o   Single integrated dashboard for web and non-web applications.

o   Instantly isolate poorly performing tier.

o   Prioritize problems by business impact.

·         A single point of instrumentation: reduces costs and delivers network diagnostics in context of application performance;

·         Private cloud and virtualization ready: delivers the industry’s most complete coverage for cloud and virtualized infrastructure, introducing support for Cisco VNTag, and extended support for Citrix XenApp, VMWare vSphere. and IBM AIX Micro-partitioning;

·         Auto-correlated code-level analysis: provides drill-down to application root cause in seconds via fully integrated dynaTrace PurePath analysis;

·         Integrated synthetic monitoring: delivers proactive monitoring for web and non-web applications;

·         New pricing and entry-level offerings: enables single application and project-based deployments, with seamless extensibility into a comprehensive APM solution; and

·         100+ improvements to monitoring 30+ enterprise application environments: including SAP, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle E-Business, IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ, SQL, HTTP/S and others.


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