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By Craig Huffman, Co-Founder & CEO, Metro Edge Development Partners

In the heart of Chicago, at the new Salesforce Tower, Governor Pritzker and distinguished guests, including Metro Edge Development Partners (Metro Edge) CEO Craig Huffman, recently gathered to celebrate Illinois’ extraordinary economic resurgence. This event showcased Illinois’ journey from fiscal adversity to becoming a hub of growth and innovation, highlighting the collective efforts of key players like Metro Edge, instrumental in driving this transformation.

Illinois: A Rising Star in Economic Development and Innovation

Under the guidance of Governor Pritzker, Illinois has experienced a remarkable economic renaissance, dramatically reversing its financial trajectory. The state now celebrates a $1 trillion GDP, the eradication of its bill backlog, and a remarkable series of nine credit rating upgrades. This resurgence is a tale of resilience, marked by balanced budgets and a concerted effort to create a business-friendly environment.  2023 emerged as a landmark year, with the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) and Reimagining Energy and Vehicles (REV) programs playing critical roles in generating nearly $3 billion in investments and creating over 4,300 jobs, in addition to retaining thousands more.

The state is rapidly transforming into a hub for diverse industries, particularly in electric vehicle manufacturing and renewable energy. Strategic investments in these areas, notably the Gotion electric vehicle battery Gigafactory, have not only established Illinois as a leader in the green economy but have also been instrumental in generating thousands of new jobs. This economic growth is further complemented by Illinois’ burgeoning data center sector. With incentives introduced in 2019, the state has attracted substantial investments in data centers, totaling over $1.8 billion in 2023 – a significant increase from the previous year. Highlighted by pioneering projects like Metro Edge’s development in Chicago, this surge further cements Illinois’ reputation as a prime destination for technology investments.

Metro Edge’s Innovative Role in Illinois’ Tech Landscape

In the midst of this economic upswing, Metro Edge is making a significant mark with its IMD1 data center project, a $257 million state-of-the-art facility situated in the Illinois Medical District. This development, exemplifying innovation and forward-thinking, is set to revolutionize data storage and processing for the healthcare sector. IMD1, designed to support high-density compute solutions like AI and ML, will not only address the evolving demands for advanced technology infrastructure but also revitalize a previously vacant West Side land site, symbolizing a new era of urban development.

Metro Edge’s vision extends beyond technological advancement, actively shaping a more inclusive tech industry. With a unique social impact plan aimed at recruiting, training, and hiring underrepresented groups, Metro Edge aligns seamlessly with Illinois’ broader commitment to diversity and economic inclusivity, thus enriching the state’s technological and social fabric. The IMD1 data center in the Illinois Medical District stands as a testament to Metro Edge’s commitment to sustainable architecture and positive social impact, ensuring the future of technology is both innovative and inclusive.

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