Shai Fultheimm, CEO of ScaleMP (, says:

CPU-intensive or large-memory workloads that require high performance computing exist in almost every enterprise that has an analytics-driven or data-warehousing environment. vSMP Foundation is the core ScaleMP solution for solving three fundamental problems facing high performance IT today:

  • workloads with high CPU count or large memory needs
  • simplified cluster installation and management
  • scale up cloud resources for high performance or large memory workloads.

vSMP Foundation can also be used together with traditional server virtualization solutions to better manage resources and workloads across the data center, enabling IT to build systems exactly to their specifications, on-the-fly.

vSMP Foundation is a server virtualization for aggregation solution. Server virtualization for aggregation does the opposite of server virtualization for consolidation. Instead of partitioning, it combines x86 servers to create a large virtual symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system for workloads that have large CPU or memory requirements.

Benefit for IT and Data Center Managers

For high CPU-count or large memory workloads such as those found in financial analytics, data warehousing, genomics, visualization, simulation, electronic design, and analysis, vSMP Foundation provides a high performance x86-based solution that leverages existing x86 hardware and is more cost-efficient than traditional proprietary SMP options.

With vSMP Foundation, systems can be configured on-the-fly in a private cloud and, when the workloads have completed, can automatically be reprovisioned as normal cloud nodes. By moving to state-of-the-art virtualization and commoditized x86 systems, customers gain all the benefits of large-scale, high performance configurations, which can easily be repurposed for whatever workload needs to be run. vSMP Foundation also offers a truly elastic data center and enables IT to easily manage unforeseen resource needs.

Additionally, traditional server virtualization and server virtualization for aggregation can be used in tandem (as nested VMs) to enable a very powerful set of server resource capabilities that enables users to shape compute resources to fit their workloads on-the-fly – offering true elasticity within the cloud. The two use cases for nested VM capabilities can provide a better platform for load balancing, dynamic system provisioning and hardware migration, and allow IT administrators to collect and aggregate all unused computing resources across the cloud to create a new, larger or customized system with maximum utilization.

The most important consideration for IT managers considering vSMP Foundation is to determine what their needs are in the data center. Do they have large CPU or memory needs? Are they running a cluster and would like to be able to more easily manage it? Or do they simply want to maximize their resources and have more elasticity in their data center to meet current and future demands? vSMP Foundation can meet all these needs.

vSMP Foundation provides customers in industries like energy, higher-education and research, life sciences, manufacturing and finance with the computational horsepower required for the most demanding applications and workloads, while dramatically lowering high-end computing costs by as much as 80 percent. It also delivers the world’s largest SMP system, supporting aggregation of up to 128 servers into one virtual SMP system and includes:

  • Up to 64 TB of shared memory for large memory requirements
  • Up to 1,024 processors (8,192 cores) virtual SMP, proven scalability and record-breaking memory bandwidth
  • Ease of use and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for applications, with simplified cluster management and storage architecture
  • Improved cluster utilization by providing a centralized and consolidated architecture.