– Tim Varma, Director of Product Management at PEER 1 Hosting (www.peer1.com), says:

Outsourcing complete server management can take a save a huge amount of time and cost. To the business, the servers become virtually invisible as all staff see is the information and applications pushed over the internet to their desktop.

There are a couple of options here; in a dedicated hosting scenario an entire server/s can be leased in the provider’s data center and managed by you remotely over the internet. These servers are not shared with anyone else and are under the complete control of the business, with data and applications pushed to the user as a service and backed-up in the data center.

“In a managed hosting scenario, these servers can be completely managed by the service provider, leaving you more time to focus on running the business. The provider will take care of all day-to-day tasks like patching, troubleshooting, monitoring, backups and maintenance.