– Stephen Elliot, vice president of strategy for virtualization and service automation, CA (www.ca.com), says:

What are the advantages of a self-service cloud over other cloud options?

It enables a tight linkage to the business objectives and the technology investment. It also empowers the customer to make their own decisions.

The notion of self service is foundational to any cloud discussion and will show itself through both business and technology centric interfaces. The real value comes in being able to integrate various pieces of the architecture together, automate the underlying processes, and take actions. In addition, the management and monitoring of the supporting infrastructure enables visibility if something does go wrong. This is critical because it provides the IT organization with an early warning system, preventing customers from experiencing “down time”. This is a journey with many pieces. Without all the pieces, an IT organization that deploys self service is at a high risk of failure as the dynamic nature of real time infrastructure takes off.