Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Bill Kleyman.

This is the second of three entries in a Data Center Frontier series that explores how hyperscale will disrupt the data center market. This series, compiled in a complete Guide, also covers understanding major hyperscale trends and the elements of a hyperscale data center. This post focuses on how to select the right hyperscale partner.

The rapid pace of our evolving infrastructure is forcing data center administrators to make infrastructure decisions at a blistering pace. In fact, many organizations are re-creating their business plans around the direct capabilities of the modern data center. Here’s the important piece to understand—the proliferation of cloud computing IT consumerization has created the need for powerful, hyperscale data center platforms. That means your infrastructure must be able to handle an increased density for new types of workloads.

All of these trends are fueling the push for more efficient data center utilization and more specifically, the deployment of hyperscale data centers. Organizations must work with the right type of partner to help them stay agile and resilient. The data center is becoming a truly integral part of any company. And, at the heart of the IT infrastructure, a hyperscale data center must be capable of scaling with the needs of the business. However, not all data centers are created equally, and many cannot customize a solution to best fit your hyperscale needs.

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