Matthieu Hugg, CEO of RunMyProcess (, says:

As cloud computing goes mainstream, company executives are finding themselves with hybrid IT infrastructures. There’s a need to connect cloud platforms with internal on-premise systems – without compromising security.

RunMyProcess develops and operates a cloud-based platform that lets organizations design, run and manage business processes without hardware, software or coding. Its web-based workflow service is based entirely on a pay-per-user model, which ensures a quicker return on investment. The platform is less expensive and more flexible than on-premise solutions, allowing businesses of all sizes to go to the cloud for business application and workflow process needs.

For users who are employing a mix of cloud platforms with internal on-premise solutions, the RunMyProcess Secure Enterprise Connector offers a secure tunnel that connects internal and external systems. Based on the Google Secure Data Connector (SDC), the software forms a secure link between the application running on the RunMyProcess platform and the SEC client, installed on the on-premise system.

RunMyProcess has partnered with Noélios, the editor of the open source Restlet Framework, to connect to the Google SDC found behind the corporate firewall. The solution is very simple to set up, as it only requires a basic Linux or Windows server running Java behind the firewall to establish and control the secure connection. To ensure complete control over access to corporate data, connections can only be initiated by the Secure Enterprise Connector client installed behind the firewall, and can only target the RunMyProcess platform. No connections can be made from outside domains as long as the Secure Enterprise Connector Client does not open the tunnel, guaranteeing connections from outside domains will be denied.

The RunMyProcess Secure Enterprise Connector leverages Secure Data Connector technology within the Google network. Companies that are developing and using new cloud-based applications can utilize this new technology to deliver strong, enterprise-focused solutions. For more information on the RunMyProcess platform and the Secure Enterprise Connector, visit