cloud data

cloud data

Mohamed Hamedi, Co-founder and CEO of KuroBase, says:

Most web and mobile application developers would rather invest their resources into developing products, not setting up and managing databases. Yet they are hindered by the lack of flexible, scalable, and easy-to-implement solutions. KuroBase delivers Database-as-a-Service, a fully-managed cloud data store doing all the heavy lifting to get developers up and running in minutes.

This is the first element in the KuroBase™ Orchestration Platform Architecture which allows web, game and mobile app developers to manage and control data stores with unlimited scalability. KuroBase is the first company to offer a fully-managed DBaaS hosting both the industry leading Couchbase NoSQL database and the recently released Couchbase Sync Gateway in the cloud. Bob Wiederhold, Couchbase CEO, says, “KuroBase will make the Couchbase Server available to small and medium-sized businesses and will extend our offerings from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 50,000.”

KuroBase and Couchbase have signed a partnership agreement to explore and expand new markets opened up by this breakthrough combination of products.
At the core is the KuroBase Orchestration Platform that enables seamless provisioning of any service to support operational database and big data requirements. Further, since it is nearly impossible for most developers to predict how much data they’ll generate, KuroBase’s Elastic Storage scales up to handle disk allocation needs. As developers’ data volume grows, the KuroBase system expands to accommodate storage needs while ensuring performance.

Applications can continue to send and store data while the KuroBase Platform dynamically adjusts the database parameters to meet real-time needs. Meanwhile, the KuroBase platform handles all administration, failovers, and redundancy for its subscribers so developers can focus on their coding, not on tedious server management. In addition to a wealth of existing client SDKs, KuroBase’s Web API reduces development time and effort significantly.

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