Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller

As the mission critical world faces a growing labor shortage, the industry is working to create new pipelines for skilled workers. Data center expertise is a relatively new specialty that’s not on the curriculum at most major universities, so the data center sector is focusing on retraining employees from other fields.

A notable success story in the retraining field is Salute Mission Critical, which since 2013 has trained more than 1,200 military veterans for careers in the data center industry. Salute was founded by industry veterans Lee Kirby and Jason Okroy to solve two problems at once: helping veterans find meaningful work as they return from active duty, while helping data center companies find talent.

“We’re focused on veterans as the solution to the staffing shortage,” said Kirby, the Chairman of Salute. “I thought I could use my relationships and experience in the data center industry to create a gateway for veterans to enter the industry and build long-term careers.”

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