Sabey Data Centers, renowned for its innovative and energy-efficient data center solutions, is expanding its footprint to Umatilla, Oregon, with the purchase of 60 acres to develop a state-of-the-art data center campus boasting over 100 MW of capacity. This expansion represents a significant step towards Sabey’s commitment to sustainable operations, as the company aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2029, an impressive 11 years ahead of Oregon’s target.

Sabey’s Vision: A Sustainable Data Center Campus

Sabey Data Centers has consistently been at the forefront of the data center industry, known for its hyper-efficient designs and dedication to environmental responsibility. The new Umatilla data center, known as SDC Umatilla, will exemplify Sabey’s commitment to sustainable operations. The 700,000 square foot campus will feature award-winning, hyper-efficient data center designs that cater to the evolving needs of colocation, hyperscale, and enterprise deployments.

Key Features of SDC Umatilla

  • Sustainability: In alignment with Oregon’s renewable energy goals, Sabey will procure and invest in carbon-free energy to achieve its net-zero carbon emission target by 2029, setting an impressive standard for environmentally responsible data center operations.
  • Capacity: The campus will support over 100 MW of critical IT load, providing a robust infrastructure for businesses requiring substantial computing power.
  • Connectivity: SDC Umatilla will offer a range of diverse connectivity solutions, ensuring low latency to west coast metro areas and proximity to west coast subsea cables. This connectivity is essential for meeting the demands of modern data-driven applications and services.

Economic Impact on Umatilla

The expansion of Sabey Data Centers into Umatilla is not just about the company’s growth but also about contributing to the local economy. The construction of the data center campus is expected to generate jobs in the rural community. Moreover, the ongoing operations of the campus will create career opportunities for local residents. This is a testament to Sabey’s commitment to building not only world-class data centers but also fostering economic growth and prosperity in the areas they operate.

Community Support and Collaboration

The Umatilla community is enthusiastic about welcoming Sabey Data Centers into their fold. Dave Stockdale, City Manager of Umatilla, expressed excitement and support for Sabey’s expansion, citing the company’s reputation for providing advanced data center services through sustainable operations. Sabey’s commitment to supporting local projects and its role as an integrated community partner have garnered appreciation and goodwill within the Umatilla community.

Looking Ahead

Sabey Data Centers’ expansion into Umatilla, Oregon, is a significant milestone in the world of data centers. The new campus, with its commitment to sustainability, robust infrastructure, and community engagement, demonstrates Sabey’s dedication to building not just data centers but also a better, more environmentally responsible future. As we eagerly await the groundbreaking in 2025, it is clear that Sabey Data Centers is leading the way towards a greener, more connected, and economically vibrant future for Umatilla and beyond.

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