The German Datacenter Association (GDA) is a Frankfurt am Main-based association offering data center operators in Germany a platform that allows them to strengthen the growth of the industry and its perception in business, policy making and the society at large. The GDA represents its members with regards to laws, regulations, standards and norms, other roles and policy issues in the relevant committees. The GDA has been a standard in the industry, improving general conditions for data center operators in Germany, boosting investment in facilities throughout the country.

Rosenberger Optical Solutions and Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), a new member of the GDA, aims to expand its business throughout the data center sector. “By becoming a member, we would like to contribute actively to improving the perception of the data center industry in both policy making and the society at large. In addition, we are looking forward to the opportunity to network with other innovative companies and colleagues,” said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of Rosenberger OSI.

Rosenberger OSI, is an expert in fiber optic connections, cabling solutions and infrastructure services. Their expertise regarding infrastructure solutions will support GDA’s know-how for its members, policymakers, and society. This partnership between GDA and Rosenberger OSI will be an asset to the growth of the data center industry in Germany. 

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