Data Consumption

Michael Hollander, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MOD Mission Critical, says:

What do mobile applications that facilitate video streaming, photo storage, email, games and Web browsing all have in common? They require data—and a lot of it.

Globally, today’s mobile consumers are using 2.5 exabytes of data on average per month from applications like these, according to Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index. This figure will continue to grow; in fact, by 2019, global mobile users’ average data usage will total about 25 exabytes per month.

This expected acceleration could be attributed to the fact that individual users are adding more devices to their personal networks. In 2014, the average North American used about 2 gigabytes of data per month. By 2019, the amount will increase to about 11 gigabytes as more devices become connected to the Web, according to the Cisco report.

Further driving this growth will be emerging markets in locations like China, the Middle East and Latin America. Latin America, it should be noted, demonstrated the largest amount of global smartphone adoption in 2014 with a 59 percent increase in units sold throughout the region.

To remain competitive and ensure fast, reliable service to end-users, many carriers are now looking for customized, strategic solutions for sending and receiving network traffic. MOD Mission Critical is one provider of data center connectivity and services that help streamline this process.

MOD has a full suite of customizable network services including international private lines, wholesale IP and submarine cable capacity. MOD also offers global Layer 2 and 3 network access. Furthermore, its Colo by the ‘U’ solution allows customers to customize data center spacial requirements based on individual business needs for the most cost-effective approach to obtaining critical network services.

Data consumption shows no signs of stopping.  In today’s market, successful organizations will be those that evolve their network solutions with customized, strategic solutions from the right carriers to accommodate traffic growth and accommodate end-user demand.