By Jamie White, Community Manager, Data Center POST

In light of current unknowns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, DataGryd, a premier data center provider in New York City, continues to highlight the importance of communications infrastructure in times like these. Right now, it is clear that as business continuity becomes paramount for enterprises, secure and trusted data centers become more than just an advantage — they become a necessity. Especially as opportunities like remote work and online education become the most viable options for continuing life as normal despite travel restrictions, social distancing and other preventative measures, having capable data storage and processing is vital. 

Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd and one of Capacity Magazine’s 2019 Power 100 — the first global index of the most influential people in the wholesale carrier community, recently put out a statement addressing the situation and the evolving demand. He comments, “Across the globe, it’s clear that data centers, and the companies that rely on them, can’t afford to go dark — even during a pandemic disruption. In fact, COVID-19 has made data centers and other communications infrastructure more vital than ever as businesses go virtual to continue operations while reducing infection rates.

At DataGryd’s iconic 60 Hudson Street facility, the strategic international data network hub and largest single footprint data center in New York, essential on-site personnel are working to ensure that customers can reliably meet their always-on data processing and storage needs. Virtual tours of the data center are being offered in lieu of physical tours to new and existing customers. Although we’re continuing to monitor the situation, as experts, we are able to support companies that need a swift resolution to increased bandwidth challenges, provisioning at-the-ready solutions for any immediate space, power, and connectivity needs that the Coronavirus may be creating.”

With the health and safety of employees and communities kept top of mind, the company still has very specific and aggressive goals moving forward. The first goal is to sell out its newly constructed 1 MW data hall, which is supported by a world-class power infrastructure that is fed directly from the utility and offers no additional charge for cross-connects and access to over 300 service providers. The second objective is to begin building a new MegaSuite that will be called MegaSuite 7. DataGryd already opened MegaSuite 6 at 60 Hudson Street (a world-class carrier hotel) in July 2019, delivering an impressive 72,000 square feet of support infrastructure with 5,000 kilowatts (kW) of utility power generators and cooling towers. 

From a financial standpoint, DataGryd has, “seen a great explosion in the marketplace, particularly in Northern Virginia,” according to Tom Brown. This success for DataGryd has made the stock prices so strong that analysts have predicted it will continue to keep progressing into a bright future for Brown and his company. He attributes hyperscaling and strong interconnection points as two driving forces for their continued success. There has been a massive growth of network consumption, especially given recent developments, and DataGryd will continue to provide the new infrastructure to support this growth well into the future. 

Facing the future, Brown foresees challenges for the enterprise relating to ease of connectivity and addressing power constraints, but DataGryd is well-prepared for addressing both challenges head-on. DataGryd is aggressive with their ambitions, efficient with their response to challenges and tough enough to succeed in an ever-changing telecom industry.


Jamie White is the Community Manager for Data Center POST and cloudPOST. She has worked as a journalist in television, newspaper, and radio, as well as being a contributing/blog writer across various industries. She also has 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry working for such companies as Rackspace and Dell. In her free time, it’s all about family, enjoying hiking, cheering on her kids in soccer and swim, and being a philanthropist.