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In today’s fast-paced digital age, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is a necessity for communities, businesses, and individuals alike. LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband service provider, is not only bridging the digital divide in rural areas but is also redefining what it means to be an altruistic technology company.

The Vision and Genesis

NEDAS Live! host, Ilissa Miller, sits in an insightful interview with the Chief Revenue Officer of LiveOak Fiber, Steve Smith, where he shares his company’s inspiring journey regarding their inception and vision behind its formation. Steve’s background in the telecommunications industry provided him with a keen understanding of the challenges faced by rural communities due to inadequate internet infrastructure. The catalyst for LiveOak Fiber’s creation was the desire to bring positive change to these underserved regions, providing them with cutting-edge technology and reliable connectivity.

A Different Kind of Internet Company

LiveOak Fiber’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to being more than just an internet service provider. Steve emphasizes the company’s core values, which revolve around improving the quality of life in the communities they serve through innovative technology. He discusses the transformation of the telecommunications landscape over the years, highlighting the retirement of older talent and the influx of younger generations. LiveOak Fiber aims to leave a legacy by demonstrating the right way to provide connectivity and services, focusing on customer satisfaction and transparent business practices.

Steve discusses the challenges of customer education, especially when it comes to promoting the benefits of fiber optic broadband over other connectivity options. He discusses the company’s approach to recruitment, highlighting the diverse backgrounds of their team members. LiveOak Fiber’s employees come from various industries, showcasing the power of a dedicated team with a shared mission to revolutionize rural connectivity.

Empowering Communities Through Technology

As Steve mentions, LiveOak Fiber’s approach is based on authenticity and transparency. By focusing on the “why” behind their mission, the company aligns its values with customers’ needs. Steve discusses the company’s role in preparing for the evolving technological landscape, emphasizing the importance of high upload speeds and removing data caps. He shares how LiveOak Fiber’s services gained significance during the pandemic, as remote work and online learning highlighted the need for reliable and fast internet connections.

LiveOak Fiber’s dedication to building the best infrastructure possible is evident in their commitment to using the latest fiber optic technology when building infrastructure, offering symmetrical upload and download speeds, while also providing an exceptional customer experience. Their approach leads to organic growth and a strong community connection.

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