– Paul GinnDirector of Marketing at APCON, the industry leader in intelligent network monitoring and security support solutions, says:
We recently announced the latest software release of TITAN EP, the industry’s first and only multi-switch management system that allows IT and network operations to manage their entire network monitoring system from their desktop. Great for companies that have multiple data centers located around the globe, TITAN EP is a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage and provision your multi-switch network monitoring system.
TITAN EP provides a single, centralized point of switch management for network monitoring. Connections between any data source and any tool are made conveniently and instantly from the desktop, and locked in place for the duration of your monitoring session. In the event the data flow path is compromised during the monitoring session, TITAN EP automatically reroutes the traffic, maintaining the data flow – a capability that is unique in the market today.
In addition to maintaining the data flow, TITAN EP also comes with a reporting capability that lets network operations review the use of every monitoring tool or other network devices in the inventory to understand where, when and who is using the device. And batch upgrades are no problem—you can perform upgrades for your switching software directly from the desktop. 

TITAN EP reduces tool workload by providing easy to use packet filtering and port bandwidth indicators that are a critical in any network monitoring solution. Packet filtering ensures each tool captures only relevant data cutting down on overall tool workload and enhancing tool utilization, and most importantly, data security. It manages available bandwidth using activity indicators that update automatically as bandwidth levels change with traffic. If data levels approach the point of oversubscription, the operator is alerted to adjust the filters to avoid packet loss. Finally, TITAN EP tracking features include job ticket tracking, location mapping, and messaging capabilities to allow other system users to be aware of all monitoring sessions.

The bottom line: TITAN EP is switch management made easy!


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