Matthew Cheap, Product Manager, Eaton Power Quality Division (, says:

How do I reduce facility expenditures?

Today’s technology extends beyond just the UPSs. One of the major focuses is on the distribution and manageability of power. With the technology advancements in enclosure power distribution units (ePDU products), facilities and IT managers can now control and monitor individual loads and outlets on these “smart” power strips. This can provide the ability to trend server usage over time to understand where and when the majority of the power consumption is taking place. This knowledge can lead to capacity planning and level loading of IT equipment to maximize performance.

In addition to the hardware, advances in software allow remote monitoring and control. Managers can cycle off outlets when equipment is idle or program loads to be idle or shut down during specific times of the day to save on facility costs. All of this can help reduce the major expenditures that companies see for their facilities.