Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller


An illustration of the RagingWire Data Centers VA2 facility in Ashburn, Va., which opens for business in April. (Image: RagingWire Data Centers)

ASHBURN, Va. – The world of IT services is being slowly transformed by huge global cloud platforms operated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. How can colocation and hosting providers compete?

The way forward for service providers, according to Douglas Adams, is to build bigger.

“The colocation business is becoming an at-scale business,” said Adams, the president of RagingWire Data Centers.

Backed by the deep pockets of global telecom titan NTT, RagingWire is preparing to build huge data center campuses in the industry’s largest markets. It has optimized its business model and data center design around wholesale customers seeking large footprints, and is ready to invest heavily in data center construction.

“In the next five years, we will have a data center presence in the top six U.S. markets,” said Adams.

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