Steven Leidig, Manager of Engineering for Crenlo’s Emcor enclosure brand (, says:

Space is a premium in today’s racks
With today’s increasingly thin and dense servers, the tendency for many IT professionals is to stack more equipment into their racks. Doing so creates new challenges in airflow, power capacity and serviceability. With these thoughts in mind, Crenlo is now offering rack-mounted accessories to help IT managers keep their equipment running smoothly and easily serviceable.

Raised-floor cooling requires a bottom-mounted blower.
In a raised-floor cooling system, racks often tend to generate hot spots if there is inadequate airflow from the bottom of the rack to the top. Crenlo’s rack-mounted enclosure blower utilizes 2U of rack space and moves 250 cubic feet per minute of air, reducing hot spots by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Upgrading your equipment? Upgrade your power.
Today’s dense servers are more power-thirsty than ever. With increased power draw from both the servers and the cooling equipment, IT managers need to ensure their power distribution units (PDUs) meet the needs of today’s demanding equipment. Crenlo’s high-current PDU does just that, offering 30 amps of power at 120V over a dual circuit design with 24 outlets.

Flexible and adjustable lighting is key serviceability.
In a rack packed full of servers, stationary lighting is often inadequate for IT managers to perform work on their critical equipment. Crenlo’s lighting accessories are available in rack-mount or snap-mount for use in any section of a rack. With 12- and 18-inch adjustable goosenecks, they allow IT managers to position LED or halogen lighting where they need it most.