Data Center POST had the chance to engage with Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole. A renowned figure in the interconnection industry for over two decades, Josh has played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and steering growth in companies like Terremark and CyrusOne, and as a founder of the Global Peering Forum. As Quantum Loophole gears up for PTC’24, Josh’s perspectives on the industry’s future, informed by his extensive experience and passion for technology, are especially enlightening.

Data Center Post (DCP) Question: PTC’s Annual Conference is a strategic springboard for the global communications industry, and this year is no different. How is your business addressing AI needs, keeping in mind the upcoming rules and risks associated with AI?

Josh Snowhorn (JS) Answer: PTC indeed plays a critical role, serving as the industry’s global kickoff meeting. It’s a unique event where major hyperscale players and industry experts converge to engage in key discussions and lay out the groundwork for the year ahead. Regarding AI, it’s undeniably a driving force in the industry right now. However, at Quantum Loophole, our focus is on providing essential infrastructure elements – land, energy, water, and fiber. Regardless of the data center type, be it government, enterprise, hyperscale, multi-tenant, or specifically AI-focused all those elements still need to be there, which is a significant part of why we excel in what we do.

DCP Q: At PTC’24, on January 23, 2024, the Infrastructure Builders panel will discuss how the world will look in 2033 (10 years), when we are one-third of the way through the digital century. How are you approaching projects and planning for future growth with the shifting utilization of digital infrastructure?

JS A: At Quantum Loophole, we’re really in a unique spot because our core offerings – land, energy, water, and fiber – keep us agnostic to a lot of the shifts in the digital infrastructure industry. The main thing we keep an eye on is latency. Our platform is very focused on staying within a certain latency range relative to the internet exchanges. Sometimes, for things like AI, they might not need that close latency relationship and can go further out chasing power. But really, it doesn’t change much for us. We’re incredibly busy regardless.

DCP Q: PTC’24 is the 46th annual PTC Conference. During this four-day event, how can people meet or learn more about you (or after PTC’24)?

JS A: We will be at various events throughout PTC’24. While we’re not speaking on panels this year, we’ve set up a welcoming spot at the tapas bar, where attendees can meet our team. I, along with several other staff members, will be there throughout the conference, ready to connect with participants.

This year, rather than group activities like last year’s surfing lessons, we’re focusing on more personalized experiences. Some of our team members, myself included, are avid surfers. We plan to share our passion for surfing by offering one-on-one surfing sessions. Hopefully, we can share that knowledge and have some fun with people.

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

JS A:  At Quantum Loophole, our primary focus is on Maryland, where we’re building the world’s first-ever master planned data center community. Our unique approach doesn’t involve building data centers per se. Instead, we concentrate on providing the essential elements – land, energy, water, and fiber. This year, we’re also exploring expanding into new markets. These expansions come with their own set of opportunities and challenges, but we’re adapting by sticking to our core model of focusing on these fundamental resources, which are pivotal in the data center industry.

To learn more about PTC’24, please visit: The event takes place January 21-24, 2024 in Honolulu, HI – registration is still open for those interested in attending.

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