Quantum Loophole is an innovative developer of first-of-its-kind Gigawatt-scale master planned data center communities. The company reimagines the site selection process for hyperscale and mass-scale data center developments. Its first project, in Frederick County Maryland is designed to provide the digital infrastructure industry a 10-20 year road map inclusive of land, power, water and fiber network infrastructure. 

Just recently, Quantum Loophole announced that the company has won the Location Award 2022 in the first edition of The Tech Capital Global Awards. The Tech Capital Location Award is the only annual prize to recognize a geography for its attractiveness and investor friendly climate when dealing with digital infrastructure investors and operators.

Quantum Loophole’s master planned data center campus in Frederick County, Maryland offers city-scale infrastructure for hyperscale, colocation, and purpose-built data center developers. The more than 2,100-acre site sits just 20 miles from the Ashburn ecosystem. The company offers data center developers strategic expansion capacity while enabling rapid-scale deployments to keep pace with customer demands in a highly land- and power-constrained region. 

Connectivity will be enabled by the company’s QLoop network, a fiber ring, set to be one of the most robust regional conduit systems to ever be constructed, engineered to hold more than 200,000 strands of fiber, with a latency under 1ms to Ashburn. When this ring is complete, customers can buy or lease conduits or dark fiber between Ashburn and Quantum Frederick’s site in Maryland.

As with many U.S. states, in July 2020, Maryland passed data center tax incentives that offer an exemption from the state sales and use tax for up to 20 years. This means that investors and operators enjoy no personal property taxation on the data center infrastructure and servers during this period, a significant benefit to colocation and enterprise data center owners and operators.

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