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niamh-kellyWhat does it take to lead one of the most successful Ireland-based companies to international success?  If anyone knows the inherent challenges, it is Niamh Kelly, Senior VP Organizational Development, at Hibernia Networks. In addition to overseeing Human Resources at Hibernia Networks, Kelly has played an instrumental role in keeping the executive management team focused on precision strategic execution, continuous process improvement, strong financial growth and disciplined organizational alignment. Kelly joined Hibernia Networks in 2008 from Magnet Networks.

hibernia-networksKelly’s management effectiveness is testament that supporting the leadership effort of a mid-size telecommunications company, which is undertaking a fast-paced global expansion, requires leadership skill that extends beyond the traditional Human Resources role. In assuming this more dynamic leadership role at Hibernia Networks, Kelly has relied on her extensive experience overseeing global re-alignment activities and strategic programs that involve culture change, as well as a strong background in M&A and outsourcing activities.

Agility, responsiveness, flexibility and fast service delivery are the hallmarks of Hibernia Networks’ customer-driven culture. Operating a network that includes over 220 points of presence in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, as well as three wholly-owned subsea transatlantic cable systems, Hibernia Networks provides high performance network solutions to many of the world’s largest banks, webcentric companies, broadcasters and other telecom service providers. The suite of best-in-class Optical, Ethernet & IP and Content services offered are backed by a dedicated team with deep technical expertise and knowledge of industry-specific applications.

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