Originally posted on Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry

Some of the smartest people I knoDCF-Pop-Quizw work in the data center. Think about it — you need to be an expert in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, thermal dynamics, physical security, virtual security, asset inventory, supply chain, energy regulations, building codes and so much more.

That’s a lot of skills to master. So to help data center professionals identify their strengths and weaknesses, Emerson Network Power and the Ponemon Institute partnered to develop a data center IQ quiz, with 25 multiple-choice, knowledge-based questions — and an additional 12 operating practice questions to see if the respondents practice what they know about data center operations.

The 570 data center professionals who took the quiz answered 5area-e1460737357290questions that covered five areas key to data center performance: cost management, availability, productivity, speed-of-deployment and risk management. Quiz questions ranged from the simple, such as what does PUE stand for, to the complex, such as identifying the seven capabilities a DCIM tool must provide.

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