By: Steve Scott, CEO 

What makes companies successful? Work ethic, responsiveness, flexibility, adaptability, attention to detail, solution based thinking and of course – its people. A company that invests time and resources to understand its customers’ needs are better able to deliver solutions with the highest level of service on time and within budget – crucial considerations for the data center industry. Datalec Precision Installation (DPI), a full-service provider for data centres, recognizes the criteria needed to keep up with the rapid growth of the data centre industry. With the industry booming, and Datalec growing with it, our company prides itself on never compromising on the quality of its work and taking care of customer needs. As a result, Datalec strives for excellence in three areas: People, Product, Purpose. 

Our people are absolutely our greatest asset. Datalec can only attract and retain the best industry professionals by carefully considering the needs of every employee. Career development is crucial for any thriving company, it is a fundamental building block that provides satisfaction and passion for each of our team members.

Our products or our capabilities must address an industry need. We must have differentiators such as build time, power efficiency, modularisation and off-site construction techniques, improved H&S considerations, adaptability to changing requirements, build quality and supply chain management, etc. Datalec’s commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Our primary mission for our customers is to; seek perfection; deliver end-to-end solutions; and adapt to changing client requirements. As we create new products and services, we must work hard to deliver these to the same exact standards – backed by Datalec’s ‘precision-guarantee’.

Our purpose relates both to our clients and our organization. We need to understand both to be able to confidently present our solutions and product strategy to the market. Separately, we create a working environment that promotes and rewards employees fairly, actively supporting a culture of transparency and mutual respect.

From data centre fit-outs to managed services, Datalec has carved a niche for itself by delivering end-to-end infrastructure design, build, installation and support solutions for data centres in an increasing range of territories across the globe. Datalec continues to support its growth every day by staying true to its three P’s: People, Products, Purpose – installed with the Datalec ‘precision guarantee’.

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About Steve Scott: 

​​Prior to Datalec, where he spent 18 months as Chairman, Stephen spent 12 years as COO at Bridgehouse Capital, a UK family office, and a further 2 years as CEO at a boutique London based Investment Bank. During this time he gained significant private equity experience and participated in multiple sector M&A activities. Stephen has achieved considerable experience in the Data Centre space and has held senior positions in several related companies including Deep Blue Cable (CEO), Global Marine Systems (Commercial Director), PSiNet Europe (CEO), Sentrum Data Centres (COO) and Global Switch (Sales Director). Stephen is a retired Naval Officer with an honours degree in engineering.