Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to chat with Jezzibell Gilmore, SVP Business Development and Co-Founder, PacketFabric about their partnership with DE-CIX, what trends they are seeing, and what the company hopes to achieve in 2019.


How did you come to know DE-CIX?

The PacketFabric leadership team are all telecom veterans with existing relationships with DE-CIX from previous positions; DE-CIX is very well-known and highly regarded in the industry.

What trends are you seeing in the interconnection space?

The industry is catching on to network automation – customers are demanding the same simplicity and ease of use from interconnectivity providers that they’ve come to expect from cloud computing providers.

What new initiatives should our readers be on the look out for from your company?

2019 is going to be a huge growth year for PacketFabric; look for us to continue growing our network footprint, expanding into the enterprise market, and announcing new partnerships and new network service products.

If companies want to work with you, what are the ways to do so?

The easiest way is to register for an account and connect to us through our web portal from any of our 150+ on-net locations. If a company is an existing DE-CIX customer, they can also reach us through our NNI with DE-CIX.

If you have any questions that our portal and website do not explain clearly, feel free to reach out. Our team is happy to help clarify any of your concerns. Our team can be reached at

What was the reason for your selection of DE-CIX?

DE-CIX is the world leader of internet exchanges. Their progressiveness and ability to innovate based on what’s best for the customers is what drew us to this partnership. We have similar visions to support our customers by offering services they want.