Connectivity to Internet Exchanges (IXs) is growing in demand. Due to capabilities inherent in IX platforms, companies can reduce interconnection costs to reach a greater number of networks, content and cloud providers – while improving performance and reducing costs. It is for these reasons that DoubleVerify (DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics sought to reach DE-CIX New York  – the market’s leading IX platform and among the top five largest IX’s in the United States.

With its own colocation-based data center solutions throughout the U.S., DV wanted to reach DE-CIX New York, due to its market leading position with over 100 connected networks; its neutrality which provides access to any network or data center operator; and its SLA-guarantees. As an Open-IX certified IX, DE-CIX New York offers industry leading redundancy, resiliency and offers SLAs in the markets it serves, including Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Richmond – in addition to New York in North America.

For DV, its data centers are typically enabled with a vast array of connectivity solutions – a key requirement for DV in order to receive and respond to advertiser request traffic, as well as manage distributed application and infrastructure components. By using many resources to link its data center connections, access Internet transit, cloud connectivity and more, the company is always looking to improve network performance in order to support their customers. 

Unfortunately, in New York the data center DV is located and did not have immediate access to DE-CIX New York. Because of the market leading position of the IX, DV identified an alternative solution to reach DE-CIX without incurring additional colocation or cross connect fees.  DV selected PacketFabric, to enable reach to DE-CIX New York – enabling a diverse and redundant connection in the market.

PacketFabric, an industry leading network as a service provider, offers the most flexible and dynamic network solutions. As a partner of DE-CIX in North America and Europe, PacketFabric’s network is oftentimes used as an access ramp to reach DE-CIX IX in the markets they serve. As a result, DV decided to turn up a service from PacketFabric where they extended their reach to DE-CIX New York – leveraging an SLA-offered Layer 2 connection directly into the IX’s platform where it could provision VLANs to reach other networks, content and cloud providers seamlessly. 

Transport to peering is the solution that partners like PacketFabric offer to enable access to DE-CIX IX’s located in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix and Richmond. The IX success is based on its neutrality – enabling access to any network or operator; and its flexibility to enable access through partners like PacketFabric.  

DV now benefits from DE-CIX New York’s platform capabilities – taking part in a global ecosystem of interconnected networks that exchange data across an SLA-backed platform that digital businesses can grow with.

To learn more about DE-CIX, visit https://www.de-cix.net/