Originally published to NEDAS

The telecom industry is home to boundless potential and presents an exciting morrow, which exhibits promising opportunities for a more connected, convenient and smart society. The creation of smart cities operating in a 5G world with widespread network deployments that seamlessly coalesce with their environments is an attractive and believably attainable goal on the industry’s horizon. However, to reach these long-term objectives, the existing gap between the present approach to industry infrastructure and the future of telecom deployment must be bridged. As demands grow and change, the simple implementation problems that hinder current infrastructure methods, such as space, cost and time to market, are requiring increasingly complex solutions.

Finding successful pathways that allow carriers and metro areas to maneuver around these constrictions was just one of the topics up for discussion at NEDAS 2018 NYC Summit, which featured a panel on the subject with insights from distinguished industry cognoscenti. The panel group, comprised of experts from across the telecom sector, examined the issues facing telecom infrastructure today and how they can be overcome in order to move toward a more seamlessly enabled future.


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