Oracle on Monday announced that it has enhanced its Oracle Cloud Platform with 24 new cloud services.

Newly available cloud services are Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata, Oracle Archive Storage Cloud, Oracle Big Data Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud and Oracle Process Cloud.

The Oracle Cloud Platform helps customers move on-premises workloads to the cloud with no modification of the application.

The Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service extends the Exadata database platform to the cloud. Like in on-premises Exadata instances, customers can run production Exadata instances in the cloud, migrate on-premises instances to the cloud or run hybrid Exadata instances.

The Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service allows for the long-term retention of infrequently accessed large-scale data sets in the cloud. Backed by SLAs and using industry-standard APIs, the Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service provides an additional tier of storage for Oracle ZS Series, FS Series and Oracle StorageTek tape storage solutions.

Oracle also announced four other cloud services – the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, the Big Data SQL Cloud Service and the Oracle Process Cloud Service.

The Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and the Big Data SQL Cloud Service provide a platform for running workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL databases. The Oracle Process Cloud Service lets business line managers deliver no-code, cloud-based process applications and manage the lifecycle of business processes.