Optimizing Network Performance and Cloud Interconnection at the Edge of the InternetAccording to Rightscale, 85 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy. But not all enterprises are thriving in the cloud. For new cloud adopters, the most cited challenge is security (32 percent), while for mature cloud users the biggest obstacle is cost management (32 percent).

To improve cloud performance, many enterprises are now turning to “edge” computing, which involves decentralizing core network infrastructure and pushing it closer to end users in key markets.

“The use of smaller, distributed, connected data centers…closer to concentrations of users and generators of content (‘pushing things to the edge’), will be required for these workloads,” explained Gartner’s Bob Gill in “The Edge Manifest: Digital Business, Rich Media, Latency Sensitivity and the Use of Distributed Data Centers.”

One company that is playing a key role in this movement is EdgeConneX®, which specializes in global data center solutions at the edge of the network. Recently, the company announced the expanded availability of Megaport’s elastic interconnection services in EdgeConneX’s Santa Clara, Houston and Boston Edge Data Centers® (EDCs). This announcement follows a successful deployment in Portland, where customer adoption has maintained consistent growth. By the end of the year, Megaport’s Edge-supported network will be available in several additional markets.

Megaport offers elastic interconnectivity, leveraging software defined networking (SDN) to empower customers to connect to other services across the Megaport Network. Megaport’s platform gives customers a flexible way to buy connectivity solutions, and eliminates the need for long-term, fixed bandwidth circuits that are traditionally required in between cloud providers and data centers.

Customers within these EdgeConneX EDCs can leverage Megaport to interconnect with leading cloud and network providers for terms as short as a day, with scalable bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps on demand. This improves performance, saves money and ensures greater security for customers.

“EdgeConneX is dedicated to helping companies optimize network performance at the edge of the Internet,” stated Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer, EdgeConneX. “Megaport’s solution provides our customers an alternative to traditional interconnection solutions, enabling access to a more private and secure way to reach multiple cloud providers, a critical requirement for the adoption of cloud by enterprises.”

Nicole Cooper, Executive Vice President, Americas at Megaport, also commented on the partnership.

“This partnership with EdgeConneX enables new markets to gain access to our platform, helping us achieve the company’s rapid expansion goals to empower cloud connectivity to traditionally under-served markets,” explained Ms. Cooper. “Our SDN brings a new dimension to the growing demand for interconnectivity and the peering services market by delivering more dynamic connectivity capabilities.  EdgeConnneX’s data center portfolio complements our neutral interconnection fabric extremely well and rapidly expands our footprint in the United States to the edge where cloud demand is increasing.”

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