– Antonio Piraino, CTO, ScienceLogic:

At ScienceLogic we are constantly on the lookout for companies to partner with that will enhance our customers’ experience and improve their overall operations efficiency. Teaming up with New Relic to optimize cloud application delivery and simplify the management of cloud environments does just that. 

 While ScienceLogic provides cloud infrastructure management software, New Relic offers customers SaaS-based cloud application performance management (APM) technology. The partnership is really the coming together of two powerful platforms, both of which have tremendous momentum in the market due to their similar obsession with multi-tenancy; something that others in the market are just not able to get to at scale. The ability to offer both a top level view to individual developers and businesses leveraging the cloud, from a transactionary perspective, as well as the ability to optimize infrastructure health for those applications, means the threat of performance degradation has been cornered, and ops teams can move on to more innovative tasks.


One customer already benefiting from the new partnership is Tier 3, a provider of cloud infrastructure and cloud management for enterprises. As the first customer to deploy the integrated solution, Tier 3 can deliver more powerful and flexible capabilities to customers as a native part of its cloud platform. Similarly, the integration arms customers with business-critical intelligence about applications and infrastructure running on Tier3’s innovative cloud platform, to the degree that they desire.


Tier 3 offers varying levels of monitoring solutions to its end-customers, allowing them to opt in or out of advanced management tiers based on their contextual needs. Tier 3 offers a base tier consisting of monitoring that goes out with every single virtual machine that is deployed in the platform. A self-service model then allows customers to ratchet up or down tiers. Ultimately, this allows them greater control over what they are monitoring and associated actions to the alerts being received. 


One of the other main benefits Tier 3 cites from the new partnership is that the company no longer has to invest time and money stitching together disparate components from different vendors to optimize its offering. With ScienceLogic and New Relic, they simply point and click for the analytics and data they need to run and improve the business; it’s clicks, not code.