– Joanna Styczen, Technical Writing Director, iMiller Public Relations, says:

Recently, Cambridge-based non-profit Open-IX Association (OIX) made headlines when it established a set of technical and operational Internet connectivity standards in Northern Virginia. Now, riding on the success of this recent deployment, OIX is allowing Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and data centers nationwide to apply for OIX certification.

OIX certification is designed to bring unification to the highly concentrated and fragmented Internet connectivity market.  OIX was formed in September 2013 by a neutral body of volunteers from the Internet community to provide open standards for Internet connectivity in North America.  These standards are designed to increase communication between networks and to facilitate reliable, cost-effective content exchange and interaction between participants.  In order to become certified, IXPs and data centers must possess minimal requirements related to service and infrastructure.

IXPs and data centers can experience the following benefits with OIX certification:

  • Strategic marketing position: Access more data, faster than competitors
  • Lower cost, better performance/ reliability: Reduce the cost of connectivity
  • Community enrollment: Network with a group of businesses that are serious about collaborating on alternative connections
  • Market recognition/ validation: Show your customer base you are serious about community-developed standards and a commitment to fairness and business transparency
  • Certified expert review:  Gain access to an internal assessment to ensure compliance with mandated OIX standards

Additionally, an OIX-certified business can assure its customers and clients that it is technically and operationally compliant with industry best practices, service and credibility.  For more information about how you can join companies such as AMS-IX, Cyrus One, Digital RealityLINX, DuPont Fabros Technology and Raging Wire with OIX certification, please email