ONUG, the voice of the Global 2000, recently announced its highly interactive, entirely virtual live digital ONUG Fall event. Taking place on October 14-15, 2020, this event will discuss cloud native computing, AI, elastic infrastructure, DevSecOps, automation and more, underscoring ONUG’s commitment to driving safe education and discussion.

The event will gather the ONUG Community of Global 2000 companies alongside enterprise architects, cloud providers and thought leaders, delivering a thought-provoking agenda of sessions and presentations regarding the deconstruction of private data centers and the rapid acceleration of enterprise cloud adoption. ONUG is the only forum dedicated to exploring enterprise multi-cloud use case architectures, exciting new innovations and solutions to challenges facing the enterprise in the cloud arena.

The digital transformation projects that organizations have been working toward have now been accelerated at a level of 10 to 1 due to increased virtual dependence. This means that what would normally have taken ten years to accomplish is happening in one. With this level of urgency, it’s critical that the industry learn together and problem solve collaboratively. To support this endeavor, ONUG Fall 2020 will deliver more than 75 expert speakers and 55 insightful sessions, and it is expected to be attended by approximately 3,000 attendees.

“We look forward to bringing an expanded number of community members together to continue forging important discussions, building relationships and catalyzing much-needed progress for a disrupted world,” comments Nick Lippis, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of ONUG. “The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally accelerated the pace at which enterprises must digitally transform. The deconstruction of private data centers and growing enterprise cloud adoption are direct results of evolving demands for mobility, remote work adoption, customers’ changing product needs and a rapidly changing supply chain. We’re excited to guide attendees as they explore this phenomenon more thoroughly and find out more about how to thrive in this new era.”

The event’s presentations and discussions will delve deep into leveraging the enterprise cloud as the new business platform for the post-COVID world. Topics include: automated multi-cloud governance, AI for business process automation, business continuity solutions, disaster recovery and more. Among ONUG Fall 2020’s two-day array of panels and presentations are sessions such as:

  • Key Milestones on the Digital Enterprise Journey, Oct 14 2020 09:05am EDT – 09:35am: Nick Lippis, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of ONUG, will discuss a key question in the wake of the pandemic — what infrastructure, if any, stays on-prem? This session will deliver a vision for how IT has fundamentally changed in the COVID period as the enterprise cloud becomes the business platform for the foreseeable future.
  • Evolving Your Data Center Network from Cloud Ready to Cloud Native, Oct 14 2020 12:10pm – 01:00pm EDT: Christopher Liljenstolpe, Chief Architect for Cloud at Cisco; James Walker, Managing Director, Technology Executive at Bank of America Corporation; Parantap Lahiri, VP of Network and Datacenter Engineering at eBay; Charles Greenaway CTO at BT Global; and Abby Kearns, CTO of Puppet, explore whether shifting infrastructure from cloud-ready to cloud-native is the best approach to transitioning workloads for the cloud. This session will explore connecting existing network automation platforms with a cloud-native network platform using standard integration points, as well as expressing the infrastructure environment as a set of network services across physical, virtual and cloud-native environments.
  • Infrastructure as Code Emerges and Changes Everything, Oct 14 2020 11:35am – 12:10pm EDT: Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and Dr. Jennifer Rexford, Chair of Computer Science at Princeton University, provide a view of industry changes that are accelerating and explore what this new world looks like as they discuss how the industry is getting to the point where networking is implemented in programming libraries, rather than boxes, virtual boxes, or the old abstractions (L2/L3 etc). The implications for this shift in how computers are connected has broad impact across technology, IT organizations, skill set requirements and business.
  • Leadership in the Digital Era, Oct. 14, 2020 11:00 am – 11:35 am EDT:
    This panel is moderated by Suzan Mahboob, Lead Programs Engineer for Blizzard Entertainment, and joined by Radia Perlman, Dell Fellow; Linda Tai, Senior Vice President – Chief Architect at Fannie Mae; and Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished engineer at IBM. This Women in IT leadership panel will discuss how, as the world economy accelerates into the digital era, leadership is fundamental to success. The panel will discuss the difficulties of engineering and transforming a corporation into a digital enterprise. In this session, we are fortunate to hear from them as they share their perspectives on our industry, its future and leadership qualities needed now.

Additional speakers include: Daniel Conroy, CTO of Raytheon; Gene Sun, CVP and CISO of FedEx; Phil Venables, Board Member and CISO for Goldman Sachs; Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions Group for Microsoft; John Rzeszotarski, SVP of Technology Infrastructure at PNC; Helen Beal, Chief-Ambassador of the DevOps Institute; Rebecca Wooters, CDO of Signet; Subbu Allamaraju, VP of Expedia; and George Maddaloni, CTO of MasterCard.

This highly interactive event allows individuals and businesses to learn from peers, make informed infrastructure deployment decisions and generate open discussion between the vendor and user communities. By enabling this process of discussion, problem solving and networking despite COVID-19’s widespread disruption, ONUG Fall 2020 delivers important value for those in attendance and for the wider IT community.

The ONUG Fall 2020 press room, presented in partnership with iMiller Public Relations, offers multiple avenues for attendees to amplify messages and share breaking industry news throughout the event. To request the press list, submit press release forms or learn more about the press room, please click here.

ONUG Fall 2020’s sponsors include Alkira, AppNeta, Inc., AppViewX, Arrcus, BlueCat Networks, Broadcom, Comcast Business, Cisco, Gluware, IBM, Itential, LLC, Megaport, Microsoft, Mist Systems, NetBrain, NetScout Systems, PacketFabric, Riverbed Technology, Inc., SevOne, ThousandEyes, VeloCloud, Verizon, Volterra.

If you are interested in attending, please click here to register. Members of the press should contact ONUGmedia@imillerpr.com.

To learn more about ONUG Fall, please visit https://fall.onug.net/